Project Development

Construction Project Development
Thorough planning and due diligence are the cornerstones of successful construction project development. At Holwick Constructors, we work closely with our clients to develop clearly defined project objectives and budget parameters while identifying any potential site issues long before work commences.

Our project development services include:

Bidding and Negotiation
As your general contractor, Holwick Constructors manages the bidding process and negotiates with subcontractors on your behalf.

Budget Development and Control
Once the scope of your project has been established, Holwick Constructors will work with you to develop a detailed budget outline. Our experienced project management team goes to great lengths to prevent cost overruns. By using sophisticated cost control methods, we are immediately alerted when a budget issue arises so we can take quick corrective actions.

Cost Engineering
By weighing important factors such as labor, materials, scheduling and design decisions, Holwick Constructors provides highly accurate cost estimates for projects of any size. Dependable cost engineering solutions allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Due Diligence
Prior to starting a project, we perform our due diligence on each construction site in order to identify any possible risks that could result in delays or cost issues (i.e., budget considerations, environmental issues, existing site conditions). The expert team at Holwick Constructors can help analyze these risks and provide recommendations for action.

With 50 years of construction experience in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, Holwick Constructors has an in-depth knowledge of the entitlement processes throughout Southern California. If government studies and reports are necessary before a project can begin, we will work closely with planning commissions on your behalf to expedite the entitlement process.

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of a well-run construction project, and a task that we take seriously. Our expert project management team meticulously oversees every detail of the scheduling process, identifying potential delays well before they become a problem. The end result is a fast-tracked construction job finished on time and within budget.

Site Acquisition
We do research on environmental compliance standards, local zoning codes, government regulations and construction feasibility as part of the site acquisition process. Our site acquistion services also include lease negotiations, document quality control, and site meeting coordination.

Subcontractor Prequalification
Every subcontractor who wishes to do business with Holwick Constructors must first file a prequalification form with our offices. Over 50 years, we’ve created a vast database of subcontractors throughout Southern California, allowing us to invite vendors to bid on a project based on their service regions, past projects, capabilities, and other data.

Value Engineering
A project’s goals aren’t always in line with its budget. Our value engineering services can help you strike a desirable balance between the two. Value engineering is a proven way to reduce costs while increasing quality and job site performance.