Even when your project is finished, our work continues. Holwick Constructors offers a multitude of post-construction services to help you move in, get settled, and get working. We handle the inspection process, training on new equipment, extended maintenance requests, and much more.

Post-Construction Services:

As-Built Drawing Documentation
If your local municipality requires as-built drawings, we can provide them as requested on your behalf.

Equipment Training Programs
When requested, Holwick Constructors or one of our subcontractors will provide training on any new equipment that was installed as part of your project.

Extended Maintenance
Extended maintenance services are included in every construction project we oversee.

Governmental Inspections and Review
Holwick Constructors oversees the scheduling of governmental inspections and review, working closely with agencies to ensure your project meets every state and local building code.

Jurisdictional Agency Approval
We provide jurisdictional agencies accurate and detailed construction documents as soon as possible in order to expedite the approval process.

Occupancy or Use Certifications
Holwick Constructors is well versed in the occupancy or use certifications required by jurisdictions in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties. We comply with all local requirements and work proactively to ensure all fees, documents, and applications are submitted in advance.

Post-Occupancy Inspection
We perform our own post-occupancy inspection to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction. If we notice any aspect that needs attention, or receive complaints from tenants, we will act immediately to resolve the issue.

Warranty and Operation/Maintenance Manuals
Completed documentation, including warranty information, is provided for all materials and equipment we install.