Design-Build Services
Holwick Constructors offers comprehensive design-build services for clients seeking a turnkey contracting services. Our design-build capabilities include architectural and engineering design in addition to construction management. The design-build process expedites the project and often results in a quicker, more affordable, and higher quality finished product.

Our design-build services include:

Civil and Structural Engineering Coordination
Holwick Constructors works with civil and structural engineers to ensure a project is planned accordingly and the structures within are engineered properly. We provide intensive oversight of the civil and structural engineering process to ensure that the project is planned and developed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Coordination and Management
Holwick Constructors streamlines the scheduling and coordination of mechanical and electrical engineering in order to resolve any potential interferences before they occur. Carefully managing these two systems is a must in order to reduce job site scheduling conflicts.

Conceptual Design and Space Planning Oversight
From the start of any project, we’ll work closely with you to to better understand your expectations in regards to design and space planning. Through close communication with our architects, we’ll ensure that your needs are accurately reflected on the blueprints.

Materials Selection and Constructability Oversight
A construction project is only as good as the materials it’s built from. Holwick Constructors has the team in place with the knowledge to select the highest quality, most-efficient materials for any project. Working with high quality materials is crucial in reducing labor costs and eliminating complications during construction.