Construction Management

Construction Management
Oversight. Leadership. Communication. All are crucial when it comes to construction management. At Holwick Constructors, we oversee every aspect of every project—with a painstaking attention to detail that you expect out of a general contractor. Each day, we ensure that our construction sites are safe and efficient, and that all of our subcontractors are working with one common goal in mind—to give you a finished project on time, within budget, and above expectations.

Our Construction Management Services:

Contract Administration
We manage all contracts for every project we oversee. Our contract administrators negotiate contracts prior to construction and receive regular updates from project managers and superintendents to ensure contract deliverables are met.

Cost Control
We keep daily cost records on each project to compare spending versus budget. This allows us to anticipate potential cost issues and address them before they can become an issue.

Documentation Control
Our documentation control service fast-tracks the construction project by eliminating delays caused by paperwork bottlenecks.

Labor Relations
Holwick Constructors has developed a large network of qualified subcontractors. We manage every labor issue, from prequalification to hiring, to make certain that only the most reputable and experienced companies work on our clients’ projects.

Quality Assurance
We perform ongoing quality assurance inspections on contracted work to make sure it conforms to project standards. Necessary corrections are performed as soon as possible, with minimal effect on project budget and timeline.

On-Site Management
A project manager from Holwick Constructors is always on-site during work hours, overseeing every aspect of the construction process. Each project manager remains in constant contact with our offices, providing up to the minute status reports.

Resource Utilization and Operations
Resource utilization allows us to identify the optimum amount of resources needed (i.e., materials, labor, time, etc.) to complete a specific project. All successful general contractors use resource utilization to save money and streamline projects.

Regulations & Inspection
Holwick Constructors has worked with many local government agencies throughout Southern California. We schedule regulatory inspections well in advance, allowing us to avoid delays and ensure project timeliness.

Safety Compliance
At Holwick Constructors, safety is always priority number one. Every job site we operate is safe, compliant with OSHA regulations, and free from any recognized hazard. Every subcontractor we hire must show a history of safe practices and demonstrate thorough safety measures without exception. To ensure the safety of our sites, we perform routine safety inspections.

Schedule Control
Our project schedules are carefully monitored during the life cycle of the project to ensure important benchmarks are met.